Montenegro is certainly one of the most interesting spots in the world. Even though it covers only 14000 km2 its contribution to Europe’s cultural and natural heritage is undeniable and enormous. In the past it was the contact point between the East and the West (Orient and Occident). This is the reason why in the culture of Montenegro can be noticed many influences of the Orthodox and Catholic religion. From the other side, Montenegro was also occupied by the mighty Ottoman Empire. Many Islamic influences can be seen in the unique architecture, lifestyle and customs, traditional costumes, folkloric songs, dances and so on.

 In Montenegro you can find vast and gorgeous beaches on the Adriatic shoreline, winding rivers with steep and amazing canyons, pure and clear lakes as well as giant and colorful mountains (many of which are dark green forested which is the reason why this country is named Monte-Negro, or Black Forest). This very small country has a very interesting climate: near to the Adriatic Sea the climate is Mediterranean and in the mountains is continental and mountainous. The rich biodiversity is represented by 212 rare and endemic plant species which can be found only on the Balkan Peninsula. Furthermore, 22 endemic flora species can only be found on the territory of Montenegro and nowhere else in the world.

Must see places:


Budva – Budva is a coastal city in Montenegro and is known as the center of the tourism. 1. Old Town 2. Sveti Stefan



Herceg Novi