DMC Balkans organized a FAM trip through the Balkans

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DMC Balkans Travel & Events organized an 8-day trip across Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia for our incredible travel agents from the Philippines. We were amazed by all the beauties during our trip. From the amazing places we visited, the wonderful welcome from all the hotels to the fact that the weather was beautiful the whole way.  

We started our trip from Croatia where we explored several cities and places in this beautiful country. The capital Zagreb captivates with its beauty in baroque style. Walking around the city center during the seasonal holidays and exploring the Christmas markets is an amazing experience. Even though the weather was cold at night, the charm and beauty of the city warmed our hearts.

DMC Balkans would like to thank The Westin by Marriott in Zagreb for the wonderful welcome and experience they gave us.

Our journey continued to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo and then to Mostar. The city of Sarajevo boasts a diverse and delicious culinary scene, influenced by Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and Balkan cuisines. Ćevapi (grilled minced meat), burek (a pastry filled with meat or cheese), and baklava are among the local favorites. The Old Bridge (Stari most) in the city of Mostar was built in the sixteenth century by the Ottomans and is an iconic symbol of the city. The Old Bridge and the historic center of Mostar were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, recognizing their cultural significance and contribution to intercultural dialogue. The visit of Međugorje was remarkable. It is a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an important pilgrimage site for Catholics and a place of religious significance.

The DMC Balkans team and the travel agents from the Philippines had an extraordinary stay at Hotel Hills Sarajevo, Hotel Hollywood - Sarajevo, Koncept Residence Hotel and Hotel Brotnjo. We want to thank all of them for the wonderful welcome.

On our journey the chance to taste delicious traditional food was great. We want to thank Urban Grill - Mostar for the outstanding meal.

The visit to Dubrovnik left a huge impression on us. Dubrovnik, often referred to as the "Pearl of the Adriatic", is a historic city located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Dubrovnik's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its remarkably well-preserved medieval architecture. The trip continued to Zadar which has a historical charm, unique attractions, and a forward-looking approach making it a compelling destination for travelers interested in both the past and present. We couldn't miss the city of Split which is known for its unspoiled ancient architecture, vibrant culture and stunning coastal setting. Our visit to Split was amazing and we continued our journey forward to new extraordinary places with wonderful memories of this city.

The warm welcome at Hotel Adria Dubrovnik set the perfect scene for a celebration to remember where we celebrated our dear Gigi's birthday. Thank you all for this remarkable experience. Many thanks for the wonderful stay at Hotel Kolovare.

Postojna was the next city in our travel plan to visit. It is a town in southwestern Slovenia known for its natural wonders, most notably the Postojna Cave, one of the most famous and visited cave systems in the world. We explored the city which left us with great memories. Postojna Cave is a must-visit when you are visiting this city.

The warm and beautiful welcome at Hotel Jama was an amazing experience. We want to thank you for that.

We ended our wonderful trip in Ljubljana where we explored the city walking through the streets and visiting beautiful places. The city is a blend of historical charm, green spaces, and cultural vibrancy making it an appealing destination for tourists and a beloved city for locals.

Lake Bled, where we spent a day, is a picturesque glacial lake located in the Julian Alps of Slovenia and is not only a popular destination for its visual appeal but also for its tranquility and the range of activities it offers. It has become a symbol of Slovenia's natural beauty and is a must-visit for travelers exploring the region.

DMC Balkans expresses its heartfelt thanks to Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana for the warm welcome and perfect accommodation.

This familiarization trip was a great experience for all of us. DMC Balkans familiarized our travel agents from the Philippines with the beauty of the Balkans. Each location left an indelible mark on us, creating memories that we'll cherish forever. We thank Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia for the unforgettable experiences and the friendships formed along the way. Until next time!