While it is rare for Kosovo to make it onto most people’s travel wish lists, this small and unspoiled country located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula has plenty of things to offer visitors.

Tourism in Kosovo is closely correlated with its determining factors, which can be indicated by the rise of tourist visits in the past years. Kosovo develops specific mountain tourism forms, which represent an important potential of the country.

Despite its small size, Kosovo is home to some of the most spectacular natural landscapes of the Balkans. Most of them are situated in the western area of the country, near the Montenegrin border, and particularly in the Rugova Valley, a terrific natural area with gorgeous forests, high peaks, and breathtaking panoramas.

The Kosovo capital, Pristina, is a lively city of cafes, museums, and galleries. It is a beguiling mix of old and new, with the buzz that comes from Europe's youngest population.

Kosovo is more than nature. The country hosts two of the most charming towns on the peninsula: Prizren and Gjakova. While Prizren is famous for its Ottoman-era buildings and ancient mosques, such as the spectacular Sinan Pasha Mosque, Gjakova has the largest bazaar in the country known for its cafes and artisan boutiques.

Kosovo is full of attractive cultural and historical values. Despite the opportunities based on the structure of the current tourist offer, Kosovo is oriented towards developing a specific type of tourism form and that is Business Tourism, which is still the most developed tourism in the urban centers.

Also, Kosovo has an excellent gastronomy scene. Many restaurants serve typical Albanian cuisine, such as fërgesë (chopped cheese cooked with peppers and meat), tavë kosi (a casserole of yogurt sauce, rice and lamb), byrek, and fried kaçkavall cheese, plus in Pristina it is also possible to sample a variety of different cuisines, such as Indian, Chinese, and Persian.

Because of Kosovo’s location and position in the Balkans transit tourism, it also represents a very important element in tourism development. It can be said that weekend tourism, represents a secondary tourism form, which can be directly indicated by its economic development in the past years.

There are hundreds of other reasons why you should visit Kosovo.  It really is an amazing little country with a lot to offer for all travelers!