Terms And Conditions


No paying the deposits on the specified deadlines automatically means that the rooms are cancelled and HFR TURS is not anymore obliged to keep the rooms blocked.

Any cancellation must be notified written to HFR TURS.

The following charges would apply as cancellation fee:

30 days free of charge
30 - 21 days 50 % of the amount on the pro forma is paid
21 - 14 days 70 % of the amount on the pro forma is paid.
After 14 days 100% of the amount on the pro forma is paid.



HFR TURS denies all responsibility in case of any change in the program course or schedule that is due to weather conditions or to any other circumstances outside its control. However, HFR TURS will do its best to limit these inconveniences and their consequences and to find solutions within its competence and available resources.

Neither party shall be under any obligation to the other hereunder If performance -thereof is rendered impossible due to an event of force majeure, being an event which the affected party could not reasonably foresee and the effect of which was beyond the control of the party affected (excluding settlement of payments) which shall include, without limitation, war, strikes, epidemics, earthquake, fire or flood, Government regulations.