For Ukrainian guests the Balkans the number one destination

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Ukraine is the second-largest country after Russia. With that in mind, many Ukrainians want to visit the Balkans. At the beginning of the summer, we had our first group of Ukrainian tourists who dared to discover the beauties of the Balkans. We have proven many times what are the beauties and qualities offered by the Balkan countries as a tourist travel destination. 

This year for Ukrainians the number one destinations were N.Macedonia and the Balkans. More than 30 groups have enjoyed adventures in the Balkans over the past two, three months, and will continue to do so. The end result of the trips of these tourists were the smiling faces and the beautiful memories from the adventures in the Balkan countries and N.Macedonia. DMC Balkans knows how to create beautiful moments for the guests, and the kindness of the guides and their professional information give the complete result of a top trip. DMC Balkans thanks all Ukrainian tourists who were part of these trips for their trust, and invites everyone else not to hesitate to choose N.Macedonia and the Balkans as a tourist destination.