City Breaks

1. Ohrid - Macedonia

Ohrid with its rich cultural and historical heritage, a large number of medieval churches, lively tourist offer of a favorite place of residence for guests from all over Europe. Within the city by a large number of traditional restaurants with live music and plenty of modern cafes and restaurants, discos and clubs. The main pedestrian zone is subject to shops, museums and galleries, souvenir shops with handicrafts and famous jewellery from Ohrid pearls. Enough to answer on this journey is accepted, is not it?

2. Skopje - Macedonia

Lead the way to little-visited Skopje and discover a city where the Ottoman influences are still strong. Investigate the narrow streets of the Old Town with tiny shops and mosques with ceramic-tiled interiors. Meander through the Old Bazaar area, brimming with things to buy, and cross the 15th-century Stone Bridge which links the bazaar to the modern town. Don't leave town without visiting the museum devoted to Mother Theresa, Skopje's famous inhabitant. Join the locals by downing a reviving raki or take in one of the open-air concerts in Macedonia Square.

3. Budva - Montenegro

Often called 'Montenegrin Miami' because of its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife, Budva is the biggest resort in Montenegro. With a beautiful 21 km stretch of coastline, home to 17 incredible beaches, it is no wonder that this Montenegrin coastline is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Secure your holiday to Budva today and experience a unique and charming destination like no other.

4. Dubrovnik- Croatia

Nicknamed the 'Pearl of the Adriatic', the remarkable city of Dubrovnik is situated on the southern tip of Croatia, just 22 km from Dubrovnik Airport. With entire streets and buildings perfectly planned and preserved to create the original atmosphere of the 7th century, the UNESCO protected city of Dubrovnik is steeped in stunning architecture and sculptural detail and is home to a number of spectacular churches, monasteries, museums and fountains. Dubrovnik certainly deserves the worldwide attention it receives and there are very few words which can truly describe the magnificence of this extraordinary destination. Join the thousands of holidaymakers who fall in love with Dubrovnik year after year by securing your holiday to Dubrovnik today.

5. Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Why go? This year marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Dayton peace agreement , which ended four years of war and the devastating siege of Sarajevo. Though its history – including as the flash point for the first world war – remains an important part of its present, the Bosnian city, which often draws comparisons with Istanbul, is a beautiful and diverse place to visit, with cobbled streets to explore and excellent cafes serving traditional, slow-brewed coffee and delicious burek (stuffed pastries). To get a grasp on the city under siege, visitors should investigate the Tunnel of hope – a museum on the site of the city’s wartime supply line – and also visit memorial museum Galerija 11/07/95, which attempts to explain the Srebrenica tragedy. For the city’s creative side, start at the ambitious Ars Aevi Museum of contemporary art, before checking out some of its smaller galleries, such as Duplex 100m2, which focuses on the country’s emerging artists.

6. Belgrade - Serbia

Sandwiched between the Danube and the Sava rivers at the crossroads of southeast Europe, the Serbian capital has a rich and chequered history. As a result, Belgrade is an intriguing mix of architecture and cultures and has a dynamic energy flowing through its 1.2 m fiercely-proud locals who have rebuilt the city many times. Belgrade is now an increasingly popular destination for tourists and is rivalling many of its Balkan neighbours.