Kosovo is locatedin the centralBalkan Peninsula and is new country that recently started to develop. Through its history Kosovo has always been an attractive place. Many wars were held in Kosovo’s territory.

Tourism in Kosovo is closely correlated with its determining factors, which can be indicated by the rise of tourist visits in the past years. The main determining factors is that Kosovo’s geographical location is in the centre of the Balkan Peninsula. Kosovo develops specific mountain tourism forms, which represent an important potential of the country. Another interesting potential is the abundance of thermo - mineral springs on its territory. Kosovo is also abundant with attractive cultural and historical values. Despite the opportunities based on the structure of the current tourist offer, Kosovo is oriented towards developing a specific type of tourism form and that is Business Tourism, which is still the most developed tourism in the urban centres.

Because of Kosovo’s location and position in the Balkans transit tourism, it also represents a very important element in tourism development. It can be said that weekend tourism, represents a secondary tourism form, which can be directly indicated by its economic development in the past years, as well as by its improving level of urbanization.

Must – see places:

·  Pristina - It is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Kosovo. Pristina is the central city of Kosovo's administrative, cultural, commercial and economic aspects.

1.  Mother Theresa Street

2.  Skanderbeg’s Monument

·  Prizren - Prizrenis a historiccity locatedinKosovo.[a]It is the administrative center of the eponymousmunicipalityanddistrict.

1.  The Sinan Pasha Mosque

2.  Gazi Mehmet Paşa Hammam