The Most Stunning Beaches In The Balkans (2022)

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Summer is approaching, so you are probably already exploring where to spend your vacation and what beaches to enjoy. Did you know that the Balkan countries contain the most beautiful beaches in Europe? Below we have made a list of the most beautiful Balkan beaches where you can enjoy the golden sands, crystal clear waters and beautiful landscapes.

1. Zlatni Rat (Brach Island, Croatia)

You have probably already noticed Zlatni Rat beach on various web pages because it is one of the most popular beaches in Europe. Many professionals and tourists classify it as one of the most beautiful in Croatia. It attracts worldwide attention with its spectacular unique golden horn shape extending to the azure Adriatic Sea. Depending on the surrounding sea currents and winds, its amazing shape constantly changes. The golden beach with pebbles stretches on the south coast of the island of Brac, which can be accessed by boat from Split. Various activities are organized here, such as windsurfing, diving, and kayaking. If you want to stay in this unique Adriatic beauty, head to the village of Bol, where you will find modern hotels.

2. Trpejca (Ohrid, North Macedonia)

The village has a beautiful natural beach just below the mountain massifs of Galicica. A rare beauty that captivates with the clear lake water and the beautiful sunsets. Due to its location and picturesque landscape, this village is known as the Macedonian Saint Tropez. On the shore of Lake Ohrid, there are restaurants where you have the opportunity to try delicious fish - trout. It is located 20 km from the city of Ohrid.

3. Golden Beach (Thasos, Greece)

Golden Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches on Thassos Island, located between Skala Panagias and Skala Potamias resorts. It has been named "golden sand" because of its fine sand that glitters in the sun like gold dust. The beach has crystal blue waters and offers many facilities such as sunbeds, umbrellas and beach bars. The beach is surrounded by pine trees and other Mediterranean vegetation which adds to its beauty.

4. Dubovica (Hvar Island, Croatia)

Еxceptionally beautiful and peaceful, Dubovica beach is everything you dream of for your summer vacation. The south coast of the island of Hvar will reveal this pebble beach nestled in a small picturesque bay away from the city noise. Be sure to dive into the crystal clear waters and explore the fantastic underwater landscape. You will also notice the 18th-century stone house, which fits perfectly into the specific ambiance. If you are in the mood for a cold summer drink, visit the comfortable bar right on the beach.

5. Becici (Budva, Montenegro)

Becici Beach is  located between Budva and Zavala. Away from the city noise, it is a real summer paradise for relaxation near the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. It is characterized by diverse picturesqueness due to the colorfulness of the sea pebbles. Rent a deck chair, enjoy the impressive view or swim in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. It has various activities and water sports, such as kayaking and surfing, while the modern cafes and restaurants are located nearby. It has been called "the most beautiful beach in Europe" since the last century.

6. Мogren Beach (Budva, Montenegro)

Mogren is one of the most popular but also one of the cleanest beaches in Budva. It is located near the city, with golden sand and incredibly clear water. Mogren is divided into two beaches, where in the middle is a rocky hill. Interestingly, the two beaches are connected by a tunnel, so if you are curious, you can explore or climb the hill. The beach is a charming place for sunbathing, surrounded by turquoise waters and picturesque greenery.

7. Kaneo (Ohrid, North Macedonia)

Below the most famous church of St. Jovan Kaneo, a beautiful and picturesque beach is nestled between the lake beauty and the rocks on the hill. Here are located the restaurants that offer a great view of the lake and the church of St. John Kaneo. Beautiful places with a beautiful ambiance where you will have the opportunity to taste the traditional Macedonian specialties.

8. Mirror Beach (Saranda, Albania)

If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday, then the Mirror Beach in Albania is the perfect place. The beach features crystal clear waters and a stunning coastline that is perfect for taking photos. The story is that the sun reflects into the crystal clear water like a mirror, giving it a magical effect. The beach is surrounded by rock formations and beautiful dense forests.

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